Paragliding Lima: Experience having Lima at your feet

People paragliding Lima on the Miraflores green coast

If visiting the beautiful capital city of Peru there is no better way to take in your surroundings than by paragliding Lima. When you visit the coast of Lima’s Miraflores district, it is impossible not to see a handful of paragliders soaring through the sky. This adventurous pastime is probably the most memorable thing to do in Lima and is definitely a good way to take advantage of the steep cliff view. If you have not yet arrived in Lima we advise you use the hop on hop off bus service Peru Hop to travel around Peru to Lima, or if you’re flying into Lima then Airport Express Lima will take you from the airport to your accomodation in safe and affordable fashion.

If you’re a tourist and are thinking of paragliding in Lima then the best place to book is on the price comparison site Most outings also include an HD video from the GoPro that will be strapped around your chest. What better way to make an experience last a lifetime than to be able to watch it again as you please. Medical insurance is also included, although the whole experience itself left me with no doubt about the emphasis placed on safety.

HOW TO PERU TRAVEL TIP: Save money and stay safe when going to/from Lima Airport by using the Official Bus service inside the Airport called Airport Express Lima

Of course, when in a foreign country and flying over 200 meters in the air, the safety of it all must be questioned appropriately. The instructor is very professional throughout the process and especially in the lead up to taking flight. You are attached to a harness at all possible angles and tightened in securely. The flight is in tandem, meaning you are attached to an instructor at all times.

paragliders flying over Miraflores

You don’t have to be an adventure junkie to have your own paragliding Lima experience. The euphoric ride through the Peruvian sky will leave you in awe of your surroundings.

In the Air
The rules for take-off are simple; run when told to run and sit when told to sit. Butterflies will run through your stomach as the wind grabs you from underneath and propels you into flight. Your instructor will tell you to relax and take it all in once in flight. As you float off the cliff by Love Park, what emerges next is a breathtaking view over the beautiful city of Lima. With the Pacific to one side and Miraflores on the other, you glide over Larcomar, the shopping center built into the side of the cliff, and watch the surfers lining the seafront.

The flight is not one filled with adrenaline or blood rushing speed. In fact, the ride is more relaxed than one might think, casual chit-chat with the instructor is to be expected. If it’s not a windy day, the descent back to ground should be smooth and tranquil. When your feet are firmly back to earth and the dust settles, you are handed an SD card with the whole experience there to be rewatched on demand.

Other Things to do in Lima
The truth is that while Paragliding Lima is an amazing experience, it is only one of an abundance of activities to do in the capital. Check out to see the full array of things to do, from learning how to make the famous Peruvian dish ceviche in a cooking class to taking a surfing lesson in the incredible waves Lima has to offer. Or if that’s not your style, why not take a day trip to the desert oasis of Huacachina for some sandboarding and doom buggying.

Did you know? - The Tourist Information Center at 799 Avenida Jose Larco in Miraflores offers important free information for all travelers to Peru. Visit our blog for more information!

  3 comments for “Paragliding Lima: Experience having Lima at your feet

  1. Sean Matthews
    July 26, 2018 at 6:59 am

    Wow! What a feeling! Paragliding in Lima is one of those rare moments in which the hairs all over your body stand up because you know it’s an experience that you are never going to forget! The views are stunning and the exhilaration of it will leave you wishing it could never end! You simply cannot leave Lima without doing this!

    • James Mattews
      July 26, 2018 at 8:16 am

      I really am excited to do this! How long does it last?

  2. Dean Andrews
    July 26, 2018 at 8:14 am

    couldnt agree more, probably the best thing ive ever done. that feeling of freedom is like no other

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