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Can You Use US Dollars in Peru?

You can use US dollars in Peru, but you’ll find that carrying Peruvian soles is necessary for many small day-to-day purchases.

Fake Money in Peru

Learn how to identify fake money in Peru so you don’t end up with a pocket full of counterfeit Peruvian sol banknotes and coins.


How to Eat for Cheap in Peru

It’s still easy to eat for cheap in Peru, keeping your food expenses low and your budget in check for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Nuevo Sol coins

In With the “Sol”, Out With the “New”

In October and November 2015, Peru’s Congress met to decide whether or not to change the name of Peru’s currency from the “Nuevo Sol” to the “Sol”…

Peru Money Profile – 10 Nuevo Sol Banknote

The Peruvian 10 nuevo sol banknote is the smallest denomination of paper money in Peru. Here is a Peru money profile for the 10 soles note, my personal favourite because it features arguably the coolest guy to appear on any of the Peruvian banknotes.


Peru Scams and Pickpocketing

Avoid Peru scams and pickpocketing schemes aimed at tourists by learning the most common tactics used by Peruvian scammers and thieves.


Peru Tipping Guide

This Peru tipping guide will give you an idea of how much to tip Peruvian tour guides, porters, waiters, taxi drivers and more.

Five Nuevo Sol Coin

Peruvian Currency

The Peruvian Nuevo Sol has been the currency of Peru since 1991. Banknotes and coins are issued by the Banco Central de Reserva del Peru.

peru travel cost

The Cost of Peru Travel: Daily Budget

It’s not easy to put a figure on the cost of traveling in Peru. Even among shoestring backpackers, daily budgets can range from almost impossibly low to comparatively decadent. But if you want a rough idea of how much you might spend on a day-to-day basis, read on…

Currency Exchange in Lima Casa de Cambio

The Ultimate Guide to Currency Exchange in Lima

The process of changing currency in Lima is simple, easy, and safe. Just follow our guide below and you’ll be fully prepared to utilize all the different options for currency exchange in Lima.


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