Health & Safety

Travel Vaccinations for Peru

typhoid vaccine

Travel vaccinations… what a drag. Unfortunately, you need to start thinking about vaccinations for Peru well before you travel, as some vaccines require multiple shots or need to be administered a certain amount of time in advance.

Traveling with a Laptop in Peru

Laptop and smartphone for Peru

If you’re going to take a laptop to Peru, accept the fact that it could be damaged or stolen. If that would totally ruin your trip, sending you into uncontrollable floods of tears, you might want to consider leaving it at home.

The Most Dangerous Cities in Peru

dangerous cities in peru

Peruvian cities are a splendid mix of culture and chaos — mad, gallant, beautiful and, at times, grim. Despite the madness, no city in Peru is dangerous enough to warrant avoidance, but some do have a reputation…

Police in Peru


Most backpackers will not have much contact with the police in Peru, apart from at border crossing points and checkpoints. Situations can arise, however, so you should know beforehand what Peruvian police are like.