Chachapoyas: Discover Peru’s Best Kept Secret

Gocta Waterfall in Chachapoyas Peru

Most people are familiar with the well-trodden gringo trail, but have you heard of Chachapoyas. This town in the Amazonas region of northern Peru is an amazing off-the-beaten-track destination for tourists and truly Peru’s best kept secret. Don’t miss out on Chachapoyas’s amazing attractions!

Chavín de Huantar

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Experience the very beginnings of Peruvian culture as we know it. Chavín de Huantar holds the secrets to modern Peruvian art, religion and society. Arrival at the site may at first seem similar to any other archaeological spot, but wait until you get inside the temple. Find your way around the complex underground maze, as a historian explains exactly why these stones built the societies that we know today.