How To Peru

Peru from Space

Few humans are lucky enough to look down on Peru from space, but we earth-bound specks can at least appreciate the stunning images taken by orbiting satellites and astronauts To view one of the following NASA images in all its...

how big is peru size comparison

Peru Size Comparison – How Big is Peru?

How big is Peru Looking at a map will give you a rough idea, but maps are often distorted Map projections turn our spherical globe into a nice, flat representation of the world which, while very clever, does not always show...

How to peru mountains

The 12 Highest Mountains in Peru

The exact order of the highest mountains in Peru is open to some debate, but there's no doubting that Huascarán is the undisputed king of the Peruvian Andes Then, after Huascarán, come at least 30 other Peruvian peaks above the...


The PeRut GPS Map of Peru

Here’s the quick intro: PeRut is a community-based project that creates -- and freely distributes -- GPS maps of Peru If you’re going to be driving in Peru with a Garmin GPS, head over to the PeRut website for more...

Huanchaco, best beaches in Peru

The Top 5 Beaches in Peru

Peru benefits from being a country that has a lot of beach space, with the whole of its west coast bordering the Pacific Ocean – the largest body of water on Earth The Peruvian coastline runs down from the Ecuadorian border...


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