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10 Unique Peruvian Fruits & Vegetables

Peruvian cuisine has long been considered one of the most complex and interesting national cuisines in the world. So what gives Peruvian food its distinctive flavor? Certainly the astounding cornucopia of native fruits and vegetables available in the country plays no small role.

12 Best Things To See And Do In Arequipa

he golden past of the ancient Incas still seems to shine in the Peruvian cities. But, Arequipa is more than that: it’s the junction of two worlds. The Old World replete with religiosity and brilliance and the New World arose through an aura of mystery and symbolism.

15 Things to Do Before Going to Peru

Before you travel to Peru, be sure to make all the necessary preparations, including paperwork, visas, vaccinations and financial matters.

20 of the Best Bloggers Travelling in South America – 2019

If you are making plans to travel in 2017, South America is thebest place to start. This continent offers the best spots, from relaxing beaches, tropical jungle to challenging treks, it has it all!.

Peruvian giant yellowleg centipede

42 World Records From Peru

Guinness World Records from Peru include everything from the world’s largest centipede to the first known hijacking of an airplane.

5 Reasons Not to Use Uber in Lima

Thinking of using Uber while visiting Lima? You’re probably better off without. Uber has recently been getting a bad rep for several things. So here are my top 5 reasons not to use Uber in Lima, even if you are generally an Uber user.

50 Things to Do in Lima

Discover 50 things to do in Lima, Peru, including museums, culinary destinations, submarines, bullfights, music concerts, cliff-jumping monks and more…

Peruvian slang words and phrases - latino family walking together

50+ Peruvian Slang Words and Phrases

Peruvian slang words and phrases, or jerga, are heard throughout the country. Here are some common Peruvian Spanish slang expressions.

Mass hysteria in Peruvian school

A Classic Case of Mass Hysteria in Tarapoto, Peru

What appears to be a classic case of mass hysteria has broken out at a school in Tarapoto, Peru, with students fainting and showing other strange symptoms.


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