Shipping cars to peru

How to Ship a Car to Peru

The vast majority of travelers in Peru get from A to B using public transportation But if you're moving to Peru, or if you're planning some kind of special overland adventure, you might want to ship a car to Peru I have zero...


How to Visit the Peruvian Amazon

The following guest post is by Matthew Barker, an accomplished travel writer and photographer A trip to the jungle is often towards the top of a visitor’s Peruvian wish list The problem, however, is that, unlike...

How to Peru Huacachina

Ica to Huacachina: Everything You Need To Know

Find the best way to get from Ica to Huacachina by following our guide Most people traveling around Peru have heard about the little slice of paradise that is Huacachina, the only desert oasis in South America Huacachina is a...

Lake Sandoval Beautiful Oxbox Lake in Tambopata National Reserve in Peruvian Amazon Jungle

Iquitos vs. Puerto Maldonado: Where to Book Your Trip to the Amazon Rainforest in Peru

A visit to the Amazon Rainforest is on most people's must-see list for their visit to Peru It's true that the jungle is more often associated with Peru's giant neighbor Brazil, which is home to over half of the Amazon river...

Kuelap Chachapoyas

Kuelap: The Machu Picchu of the North

Among the clouds of the Peruvian Andes above the Amazon Rainforest, you’ll find the magnificent Archeological Complex of Kuelap, one of the oldest and biggest historical structures in South America and known as the “Machu...


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