Food in Peru: The Set Lunch Menú

Peru's set-lunch menús are an excellent budget option for shoestring backpackers You can pay as little as S/4 (a dollar or two) for a passable lunch including a starter (often soup, salad or a potato dish), main course (you...

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French-Peruvian Fusion at La Table del Inca in Puno

As I took the last bite out of my lake trout façon tartare ceviche with mango, avocado foam and Andean cheese galette, I realized how surprised I was to have found a dish like this in Puno As I took a sip of wine before...


How to Eat for Cheap in Peru

Food is cheap in Peru, especially if you know where and what to eat But eating will still be one of your main expenses, and pricey tourist-oriented restaurants can wipe out your budget faster than a quick-fingered Cusco...

Huanchaco Peru

Huanchaco: The Perfect Seaside Town in Northern Peru

Huanchaco is a stunning vacation beach town 12 km from the the city of Trujillo Huanchaco is well known for its delicious seafood such as ceviche, intricately woven totora weed canoes and excellent surf culture In 2012,...


Huaraz: Everything You Need For an Incredible Adventure

Are you planning a trip to Peru, and you’re tired of hearing the same things again and again Yes, Machu Picchu, sure, the Rainbow Mountain Both are incredible experiences, but for those who are looking to get off the beaten...


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