Best Peru Beer Poll

Peru is definitely a beer drinking nation According to the Euromonitor International Beer in Peru report, beer accounted for 95 percent of the total consumption of alcoholic drinks in Peru in 2010 There’s no denying Peru’s...


Chowing Down on Ceviche in Lima’s Chorrillos District

A guest post by Laura Elise Looking for a traditional treat in Lima Skip Larcomar and Miraflores and instead head to Lima’s seaside Chorrillos district, home to some of Lima’s oldest operating seafood...

Don Rulo Cevicheria, Peru

Don Rulo Cebicheria in Trujillo, Peru

The city of Trujillo is a great place for food It's also a great place for ceviche So when I started wandering around asking the locals for their cevicheria recommendations, I was certain I’d find something fairly...


Eating Ants in Peru: Hormigas Culonas

Forget peanuts, popcorn and pretzel sticks ants are the food of the future Well, maybe But probably not Either way, eating ants is quite a treat in some parts of the world, Peru included, so it’s tough to turn down a plate of...

Fishing in Peru

Fishing In Peru: Best 5 Spots

From the north to the south of Peru, its coastline stretches over 2500km (1500miles) and although the lands along the coast are often arid or even plain desert, its waters are teaming with life The Pacific seems like an...


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