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Gringo Definition: Origin and Meaning

As soon as you step foot in Latin America, there’s a good chance that your nationality will take second place to your new classification: gringo As a foreigner, the locals will often tag you with this broad and flexible label...

Inca food alpaca

Inca Food, Past and Present

The Inca food supply differed greatly from that of contemporary Europe The Incas had few large animals for domestication and lacked the comparatively abundant source of eggs, milk and meat found in the Old World Through...


Inca History in Peru – Inca Articles

A number of links to Inca-related articles previously featured in this post have been temporarily removed while the articles are transferred from one site to another In the meantime, feel free to ask any questions about the Incas...

Inca population

Inca Population Estimates

The geographical range of the Inca Empire has been quite reliably mapped using existing archaeological evidence, but the population of the empire -- the Tawantinsuyu -- remains something of a mystery No decipherable Inca records...

Conquistadors charge at Atahualpa

Inca Warfare: Battle Tactics

This article is part of the Inca History of Peru series At its height, the Inca civilization could amass armies of sufficient size and strength to force rival civilizations into submission -- or assimilation -- without...


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