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Esperanza Verde - Volunteering Peru

Volunteering in Peru: A Comprehensive Guide

There are many ways to travel through Peru and enjoy its riches and unbelievable beauty One of the most unique and rewarding ways to travel is by volunteering in Peru Not only do you get to see the best of Peru, you also get to...

humming bird Nazca Lines Peru

What is the Best Way to See the Nazca Lines?

Many visitors to Peru find themselves wondering: what is the best way to see the Nazca lines This is your one-stop guide to help you decide the best way to see the Nazca lines The Nazca lines, a collection of mysterious...

Backpacks in Cusco, Peru

You Need a Tough Backpack for Peru

You need a tough backpack if you're traveling in Peru You need a backpack that can withstand the country's capricious climate, with extremes of heat and cold, dank dampness, baking heat, jungle humidity you name it, you’ve...


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