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Chavín de Huantar

Experience the very beginnings of Peruvian culture as we know it Chavín de Huantar holds the secrets to modern Peruvian art, religion and society Arrival at the site may at first seem similar to any other archaeological spot,...


Colca Canyon Trip Report

The following Colca Canyon trip report is a guest post by Jo Self I have never been afraid of heights Falling off of them, yes; just looking over a rail at say, the Empire State Building, where there’s absolutely no chance...

Group of travelers jumping at Bolivian salt flats after journey from Cusco to Uyuni

Cusco To Uyuni Made Easy: How to Get to the Bolivian Salt Flats

For many exploring the wonders of South America, the journey from Cusco to Uyuni is almost a rite of passage for those coming to the end of their adventure in Peru, and beginning a new one in the beautiful country of Bolivia...

Arequipa Volcano With Church

El Misti: How to Conquer The Iconic Arequipa Volcano

The most prominent feature of the landscape of Arequipa is undoubtedly the surrounding volcanoes (Misti, Mount Chachani and Pichu Pichu Peak) The most well-known Arequipa volcano is Misti, which sits at 5,825m above sea level, in...

Fishing in Peru

Fishing In Peru: Best 5 Spots

From the north to the south of Peru, its coastline stretches over 2500km (1500miles) and although the lands along the coast are often arid or even plain desert, its waters are teaming with life The Pacific seems like an...


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