The Prensa Chicha: Proudly Printing the Worst Newspapers in Peru

There are some perfectly respectable newspapers in Peru, such as El Comercio, La República, Gestion and the official state daily El Peruano But a quick browse through any street-side newspaper stand soon reveals a range...

Alternatives to Machu Picchu Choquequirao Sunset in Mountains

The Top Machu Picchu Alternatives: Skip the Crowds and Visit One of These Unique Sites

2018 Updated Information: Here are the top Machu Picchu alternatives which you can visit to skip large crowds and still get the same amazing experience In recent years, many Machu Picchu alternatives have been discovered and...

cusco art altamirano featured

The World of Art in Cusco

A guest post by Maureen Santucci When it comes to seeing the best art that Cusco has to offer, it's not just a museum you want to visit Instead, it's best to visit one of the two most prominent local art galleries Both...

Totora Reed Boat on Lake Titicaca

Uros Floating Islands: A Must See at Lake Titicaca

Getting There When we arrived in Puno, the sun was shining I was extremely excited to explore the Uros floating islands that I had heard so much about These floating islands were such a mystery to me at the time, but it’s...

drinking in peru

What’s the Legal Drinking Age in Peru?

The minimum legal drinking age in Peru is 18, which is good news for thirsty young backpackers from the USA – or, for that matter, from Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, American Samoa or Micronesia These countries, like the USA, have...


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