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20 of the Best Bloggers Travelling in South America – 2019

If you are making plans to travel in 2019, South America is the best place to start This continent offers the best spots, from relaxing beaches, tropical jungle to challenging treks, it has it all! Our friends from Peru Hop have...

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42 World Records From Peru

The wonderful realm of Guinness World Records provides a wealth of interesting, weird and fun facts about Peru From giant pies to uncontacted tribes, Peru’s world record-breaking achievements -- past and present -- provide...


And the World Record for the Largest Ceviche Goes to… Mexico?

Come on Peru Ceviche is your national dish; it even has its own national day in Peru And you stand idly by while Mexico holds the record for the world’s largest ceviche, a record that they have wrestled from lime-drenched...

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Cities in Peru

The following table shows the largest cities in Peru by population (more than 100,000 inhabitants), according to the 2007 national census -- the last census held in Peru Data from 2007 is obviously not ideal, but the census...

Hairless Peruvian Dog Inca Orchid Perfect Pedigree

Get to Know The Hairless Peruvian Dog: Peru’s National Pet

Let’s introduce you to the Peruvian Inca Orchid or the Hairless Peruvian Dog! Dating back to the Inca empire, these funny-looking creatures have become the national dog of Peru and are famous throughout the world for their...


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